A primary goal of the Partnerships for Care (P4C) project is to provide innovative, cost-efficient, and culturally competent training and technical assistance (TTA) to the four health departments and 22 health centers serving high HIV prevalence areas funded under the project.  To that end, the HIV Training, Technical Assistance, and Collaboration Center (HIV TAC) was funded to support the goals of the P4C project through planned collaboration with existing HIV-related TTA programs, across different levels of government and with nongovernment partners. The MayaTech Corporation operates the P4C HIV TAC.

Activities conducted by the HIV TAC include:

  • Conducting workforce and infrastructure readiness reviews with P4C health centers;
  • Providing training on HIV prevention, testing, care and treatment;  integration of HIV services; and HIV service delivery and health services management for P4C health center clinical and administrative staff; 
  • Facilitating statewide training to engage health departments, health centers, and other local stakeholders in strategic planning, problem solving, and skills building;
  • Providing technical assistance to P4C health centers on project implementation;
  • Maintaining the P4C Web site; and
  • Developing a tool kit on integrating HIV services into primary care provision.